What We do


Using a collaborative approach we create furniture ranges and products for clients.

Our in-depth understanding of the furniture industry, people and consumer trends combined with our extensive knowledge of manufacturing and retail markets means that we are skilled at identifying and designing unique sales opportunities.

We take time to listen and learn, unlock and utilise the skills and knowledge of our clients.

The result is thoughtfully designed furniture that is a perfect fit for our clients’ business and perfectly fits their customers’ requirements.

Whether your business wants a single signature piece or an entire range, we’d be happy to discuss and explore your opportunities.


We design and produce furniture for commercial clients and for individuals who want unique, custom-designed pieces.

We also design furniture for our own Mule brand M_red.jpg

To see some of our work please go to What We’ve Done.

Vinyl Flooring Adelaide Can Believe In

Vinyl Flooring Adelaide Can Believe In

The benefits of vinyl flooring in Adelaide are numerous. If a homeowner wants a fresh new start in her residence, making the change to vinyl flooring can be smart for various different reasons. First and foremost, vinyl floors don’t require a lot of maintenance and time. If someone leads a busy lifestyle, vinyl flooring can be the perfect solution. Vinyl flooring in Adelaide and elsewhere is also friendly to the environment, which is another significant perk.

People who want vinyl flooring Adelaide from http://www.homeflooringcentre.com.au can choose between many exciting design choices. Many Adelaide flooring companies provide their clients with an abundance of attractive vinyl options. Some examples of visually enticing vinyl floor designs include stone, distressed timber, dark marble and even standard tiles. If a homeowner wants the perks of those attractive flooring options without any of the hassles of maintaining them, vinyl flooring in Adelaide may just be ideal for her.

If an individual is busy hunting for quality vinyl flooring in Adelaide, she should use the Internet as an asset. Exploring business websites for reputable vinyl flooring companies can be extremely helpful. Comprehensive business websites often display photographs of their vinyl flooring choices. If a person is interested in vinyl flooring that has the appearance of handcrafted wood, for example, viewing these pictures may make it easier for him to select a business to contact.

Hiring a vinyl flooring company in Adelaide doesn’t ever have to be a guessing game. People should always make the effort to work with companies that have good reputations and that provide their clients with strong results. There’s no point in paying a company that doesn’t deliver, after all. If an individual wants to work with Adelaide’s finest vinyl flooring professionals, he should diligently comb through reviews of all of the businesses he considers. Doing this can help him weed out local companies that just aren’t reliable options for vinyl flooring work. This process can also be great for saving people their hard-earned money.